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Logo Editing

There are two methods of changing the Metropolis logo: via the logo picker and manual change.

The Logo Picker

  1. Enable Logo and set to Custom at Admin → Extensions → Templates Manager → rt_metropolis → Features.
  2. Set Logo Picker to either RokGallery or MediaManager.
  3. Select your logo, Insert and Save

Logo Panel

Select Logo

Manual Change

  1. Enable Logo and set Type to Metropolis.
  2. Upload logo.png to the
    /templates/rt_metropolis/images/logo/#style directory
  3. Clear your browser cache and refresh.

If you cannot see your new logo, ensure you have uploaded it to the right directory and the directory permissions are writeable. Enquire with your hosting provider.

Download Sources Here
  • What is TS?
  • Treatment
  • Living with TS
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The following description of Turner Syndrome (TS) and explanation of some of the issues involved in living with the condition are not definitive and a doctor or endocrine specialist should always be consulted whenever a diagnosis of Turner syndrome has been given.

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There are a number of treatments available to those with TS, and each girl/woman should be treated according to her individual needs. TS is a ‘cradle to grave’ condition and as such should be treated throughout life in a variety of ways.

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It should be emphasised that each girl/woman with TS is an individual and what is relevant to one is not necessarily relevant to another.

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Membership of the Society is GBP 30 (UK) per annum (overseas GBP35) and provides many benefits. We are also happy to receive donations which enable the TSSS to continue to offer support to those with TS and their families.

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Join the SOAR study

We would like to invite you and your daughter to join the SOAR (Social skills and relationships in Turner Syndrome) study. SOAR aims to improve our understanding of the behaviour, development and wellbeing of girls and women with TS.

We are especially interested in social skills, friendships and relationships as know these areas are of great concern to parents as their daughters grow up.

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Diary dates

Sat Jan 28 @12:30PM - 04:00PM
Wales Friendship Group meet-up
Sat Feb 04 @ 2:00PM -
East Anglia group first meeting
Sun Feb 05 @ 2:00PM - 04:00PM
Gtr Merseyside & Manchester meet
Sun Feb 05 @ 2:30PM -
Kent friendship group inaugural meeting
Wed Jun 21 @12:00AM
Turner Syndrome Awareness Day

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