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Conference Registration opens at 2pm on Friday for weekend delegates only, there will be no admittance before 2pm. Daily delegates registration opens at 8am on Saturday morning. You will need to register at the TSSS registration desk for your programme, name badges and complete the necessary forms. You can check in at the hotel reception as you would at any other hotel from 2pm. You pay for your room at reception. If you need extra towels or a light bulb needs replaced etc., speak to reception and they will be happy to help. You can visit the Park Suite to see the TSSS Goodies stalls where you will be able to browse the various stalls and displays, meet other members and catch up with friends old and new. Anyone wearing a smiley face on their badge is attending their first conference and will receive a warm welcome from the TSSS family. A hot carvery meal will be available from 5.30pm - 9pm at an additional cost for those who have booked.

Arriving early on Friday, allows you plenty of time to make use of the facilities that are available at the hotel including: the pool, gym, sauna, beauty salon (treatments must be pre-booked). We get a 10% discount on all treatments available at Cleopatra's. To book a treatment please call Tel 01257 452400. You can also allow time to take a walk in the grounds and the bar is open in the lounge, so that you can relax and have a chat.

Saturday programme starts straight after breakfast at 9am and continues throughout the day. The theme for this year's conference is Future Options and Opportunities in school, college, employment and health we will have a wide range of talks and displays throughout the weekend. There is a full day of talks from some of the top specialists in the country. A draft programme will be available on the website www.tss.org.uk or from the TSSS office on request. The following specialists have been invited to attend this year's conference - Mr Neil Donnelly ENT Surgeon, Ms Kerrie McAllister Paediatric ENT Specialist, Professor David Skuse - Professor of Behavioral Sciences, Prof Gerry Conway Consultant Endocrinologist, Dr Melanie Davies Fertility Specialist, Sr Claire Humphreys & Sr Elaine O’Shea specialist nurses, Dr Stewart Rust & Dr Jackie Nicholson Clinical psychologists, Dr Gordon Watt, & Dr Stewart Morrison - Specialist in Podiatry. We have some very talented members who are sharing some of their specialist knowledge with us Eileen Kebiz, Dan Howarth, Charlotte Raper & Kylie Smyth.

Then it is time to get your glad rags on and attend our dinner and show where you can capture the moment by having your photos taken by our professional photographer Thomas and dance away into the early hours.

Sunday Programme we will start a little later, as we will have had a late night. We will have a range of workshops available for you to choose from. The workshops will include driving tips, how to get the most out of your Adult TS clinic and Alternative Therapy. Plus there will be a variety of female heart to heart sessions and a male only session. There is the opportunity to attend at least two sessions - one in the early morning and another late morning.

Children's programme will run concurrently with the conference programme. It will be in the Eccleston Suite. Our Volunteers Kylie, Emily, Annemarie, Melissa and Ellie are all CRB checked, with experience and currently work as qualified nursery nurses/teachers. There will be a range of age appropriate activities. The age range for the activities will be between 0 and 12 years there will be creative art sessions with painting, colouring, craft making etc. We will charge £25 per child to cover the costs of the activities. We have tried to keep the costs as low as possible. Parents will remain responsible for their children at all times. Children must be signed in and out of each morning and afternoon sessions by parents. Please collect your child promptly to allow our volunteers to get lunch. There will be a dance class one for Juniors up to 7 years and one for Inters 7-12 years, where Sam will teach the children a simple fun routine which will be performed on Saturday night.

Sunday morning activities are in the Eccleston Suite, the children will be able to watch a family film. Then we will have a Children's Entertainer who will entertain everyone. There will be lots of fun and games for everyone. Please note the costs are subject to change depending on the numbers.

The musical performance workshop will run on the Saturday morning, this year's theme is “Music Hits”. Groups of girls will perform songs from the movie. Sam our Artistic Director, Meg C, Ella and Meg A and the Teen reps Hannah and Zoe will put together a running order and help the girls practice during the course of the morning. Check out the Teen Page on the website www.tss.org.uk and Facebook. There is a charge of £25 each for attending the workshop to help with some of our costs. The rules for 2017 are you can only attend the Teen Club if you have already started secondary school. Once you are 20 years old you should join the adult programme. We have to be strict about this as we have so many members attending now. We do not have the flexibility that we used to sorry. We need to have the correct numbers of volunteers in place.

Parents remain responsible for their children at all times.


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