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The TSSS are often asked to inform you about various research opportunities available to you. Please click on each link and read the details on each study for more information.

TURNER SYNDROME PREGNANCY AUDIT: Women with Turner Syndrome who have been pregnant - we need your help!

We are pleased to announce a UK wide audit of pregnancies in women with TS with a simple telephone questionnaire. The project started by Professor Gerard Conway, University College London and is now being extended to cover all of the UK.

TURNER SYNDROME BREAST STUDY: World-wide online questionnaire-based study on Body Image and Breast Satisfaction in Women with Turner Syndrome. A research team based at the University of Birmingham, UK, is interested to find out how adult women with Turner syndrome feel about their breasts and how confident they are with their body in the social context.

SOAR STUDY: We would like to invite you and your daughter to join the SOAR study! The SOAR study aims to improve our understanding of the behaviour, development and wellbeing of girls and women with Turner Syndrome. We’re especially interested in social skills, friendships and relationships, as we know that these areas are of great concern to parents as their daughters grow up.


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