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KINDLY supported by Tracey and Lainey Walters, in memory of Corporal James Walters (affectionately known as 'Bungle'), The Bungle Pack comprises three booklets:

  • Pre-natal tests and TS
  • Diagnosing TS at birth
  • Considering pregnancy? Guidance for women with TS

James and Tracey, like so many other families, wanted accurate information about TS so they could make informed decisions - these booklets provide information to help healthcare professionals and families have open, honest and informative conversations.  

Corporal James Walters with Lainey.
Corporal James Walters with Lainey.

In 2013, Tracey and James Walters were so pleased to be expecting their first child. James, had been in the army for 17 years and served in Iraq, Northern Ireland and Kuwait, before five tours in Afghanistan.  At 13 weeks the baby was diagnosed with TS, and James immediately became proactive, determined and passionate, ensuring the couple knew everything they could about the condition before the baby was born.  In 2014, James, aged 36 years, was killed in a tragic helicopter crash in southern Afghanistan. Lainey was just five months and nine days.

Tracey said: "James was extremely passionate about TS and made sure that we were as prepared as we could be for all aspects of Lainey's condition.  He would be immensely proud and completely overwhelmed at how far his baby girl has come, and to know that the money raised in his memory is making a difference, by educating parents, saving TS girls' lives and supporting individuals with TS, their families and healthcare professionals." 

Arlene Smyth said: "Our heartfelt thanks go to Tracey and Lainey Walters for their kindness and generosity, to the TSSS members who shared their personal stories, and to the healthcare professionals for their time and expertise". 

The booklets can be downloaded free of charge here:

Download the full pack (ZIP file)

Alternatively, you can order hard copies from our online shop


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