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A series of fact sheets have been produced by Jane Tenquist and Nichola Morris from Myerson LLP for members of the TSSS. Although correct at date of publication. Please note that the law is subject to change therefore we recommend you check directly with Jane or Nichola for up to date information.

“The family department at Myerson LLP is headed by experienced family lawyer and Partner, Jane Tenquist. Senior Solicitor, Nichola Morris, joined the team in September 2013 to assist with the rapidly expanding workload.

Jane and Nichola specialise in complex and varying areas of family law, such as high net worth divorce and financial matters, international children law disputes and the law surrounding assisted reproduction, fertility treatment and adoption.

The team are one of a few family law teams in the country who offer legal advice and assistance to those who are considering alternative routes to parenthood. They also advise local fertility clinics upon the legal implications of fertility treatment.

Jane and Nichola can be contacted on 0161 941 4000

The TSSS would like to thank Jane and Nichola very much for their helpful fact sheets. They are available to download by clicking on the link below. There is no charge but a donation to the TSSS is always welcome. Click here to donate

Fact sheet 1 - Routes to Parenthood: Adoption
Fact sheet 2 - Routes to Parenthood: Fertility Treatment
Fact sheet 3 - Surrogacy: Practical and Legal Considerations

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