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The new “Guidance Statement: Hormone Supplementation for Pubertal Induction in Girls” are now complete and available on the British Society Paediatric Endocrinology & Diabetes [BSPED]. 

Download the statenent here

I would like to thank Dr’s Debbie Matthews, Louise Bath, Wolfgang Hӧgler, Avril Mason, Mars Skae & Arlene Smyth (BSPED Working Group) and all the other doctors who have worked so hard to look at this issue for us. It has been a lot of work and we very much appreciate all their efforts. 

If you are being asked to cut a 10mcg of Ethinyloestradiol Tablet in 4 to induce your daughter’s puberty please contact me. I have now spoken to the company who produce the medication and this should not be happening. 

By reading the guidance statement you will see there are a number of options available to you for your daughter. Please discuss them with your medical specialist. Puberty is a difficult time for our girls. We don’t need to add to that with problems of accessing the correct medication. 

Useful TSSS fact sheets:
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2. Practical tips for Pubertal Induction
3. Pubertal Induction with Patches in TS

Pubertal Induction with patches and how to cut them WATCH VIDEO
Explaining Puberty in Turner Syndrome WATCH VIDEO


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