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TSSS Publications and Information Available to DOWNLOAD FREE

So, you are considering a partnership–what does Turner Syndrome mean for us? -  DOWNLOAD FREE
This booklet is published by the TSSS for partners of those with TS, it was written by partners.

How to Help Your Child Survive and Thrive in School -  DOWNLOAD FREE
This booklet is published by the TSSS as an aid to both parents and teachers of girls with Turner syndrome (TS). It is not definitive but was written because of many shared experiences of those with TS, their parents, and teachers. The booklet is intended to provide help when dealing with problems or difficulties that may be faced by girls with TS during their school years

Who is the woman I am less than anyway - DOWNLOAD FREE
This is a booklet published by the TSSS thanks to a grant from Jeans for Genes. An information leaflet for women who have TS, looking at self-esteem and how to improve it

Turner Syndrome Support Society (TSSS) Employment - DOWNLOAD FREE
This is a booklet published by the TSSS thanks to a grant from Jeans for Genes. An information booklet for women who have TS and their employers, looking at employment issues they may face at work.

Turner Syndrome following antenatal diagnosis, the Bungle Pack – DOWNLOAD FREE
These booklets were published by the TSSS in memory of Corporal James Walter (BUNGLE)
Pre-natal Test and Turner Syndrome
Diagnosis of Turner Syndrome at Birth
Considering Pregnancy Information for women with TS

Paediatric & Adult Health Checklist for the Management of TS – DOWNLOAD FREE
This TS Health Checklist will ensure continuity & consistency of care between paediatric & adult services that are involved in the management of girls and women with TS.

Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Care of Girls and women with TS - DOWNLOAD FREE Patient Friendly Summary of the 2017 International Consensus Guidelines.

Home Blood Pressure Guide & Chart - DOWNLOAD FREE
Tips for measuring your BP at home via a digital blood pressure machine

Every picture tells a story, every story paints a picture - DOWNLOAD FREE
This book was the result of a children's competition run by the TSSS and supported by Pfizer.
Every picture, poem or story has been written by children on Growth Hormone treatment, they have not been edited in any way.  It gives parents and children who are about to start Growth Hormone treatment an insight into the difference it makes to children's lives.

Fact Sheet Series

The TSSS is delighted to provide a series of several fact sheet, produced with thanks to a grant from the Society of Endocrinology.

Factsheet 1: Pubertal induction DOWNLOAD FREE

http://www.tss.org.uk/images/stories/factsheet_2.jpgFactsheet 2: Practical tips for pubertal induction DOWNLOAD FREE

Factsheet 3: Footwear and foot care advice for girls DOWNLOAD FREE

Factsheet 4: Footwear and foot care advice for women DOWNLOAD FREE

Factsheet 5: Spatial awareness DOWNLOAD FREE

Factsheet 6: Disclosure DOWNLOAD FREE

Factsheet 7: Top tips on coping with tiredness DOWNLOAD FREE

Factsheet 8: Problems with feeding DOWNLOAD FREE

Factsheet 9: Speech and language problems DOWNLOAD FREE

Factsheet 10: Genetic counselling DOWNLOAD FREE

Factsheet 11: Pubertal Induction with Patches DOWNLOAD FREE

Factsheets 12: Turner Syndrome and Hypertension  DOWNLOAD FREE

Factsheets 13: Turner Syndrome and Your Heart  DOWNLOAD FREE

Factsheets 14: Driving with Turner Syndrome   DOWNLOAD FREE


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