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A health ‘Checklist’ is now available for health professionals involved in the management of Turner Syndrome.

The Checklist, sponsored by Ipsen Ltd the UK subsidiary of the Ipsen Group, will also be a useful record for people with Turner Syndrome and their parents and is available from the Turner Syndrome Support Society (T: 0141 952 8006).

Turner Syndrome is a chromosome abnormality affecting only females, caused by the complete or partial deletion of the X chromosome. The incidence of Turner Syndrome is approximately 1:2000 live female births. The Checklist is designed to slot into the patient record and act as a ‘prompt’ to ensure that the each girl or woman is treated according to her individual needs.

"The overall care for the patient with Turner Syndrome is managed by the paediatric endocrinologist in a regional clinic," said Dr Jeremy Kirk, paediatric endocrinologist at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

"This Checklist will be extremely useful as we see our patients frequently to monitor growth, pubertal development and to supervise and coordinate other aspects of care. When patients then transfer to the adult endocrinology service, or to a gynaecologist, the Checklist can go with them to ensure that all aspects of their care continue to be monitored”.

"The Checklist will be a useful audit tool for health professionals involved in the care of people with Turner Syndrome and we’re delighted that Ipsen was able to sponsor this project.

"We hope that the Checklist will benefit those who have Turner Syndrome and provide continuity of care," said Arlene Smyth, Executive Officer of the Turner Syndrome Support Society.

The Turner Syndrome Support Society is a national charity caring for the needs of those with Turner Syndrome throughout the United Kingdom. The Society offers support and information to both girls and women with Turner Syndrome, their families and friends.


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