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The Keith & Marian Masters Award, will be presented to a person or persons who it is deemed have achieved, either for themselves or for others.  The Trustees and committee members have recently met to agree the award criteria and as a result would like to publicise the following guidance notes and conditions of entry:

Guidance Notes & Conditions of Entry for The Keith and Marian Masters Award for Achievement 2013

The Objectives of the Award

  • To establish an annual recognised award through which the TSSS can acknowledge and reward outstanding achievement by a person or persons, either for themselves or for others.
  • To highlight motivating role models to inspire and educate others within the society.

The Nomination Process

Any member of the society may choose to nominate a person or persons who he/she believes deserve recognition for achievement during the award year.  The following restrictions will apply:

  • Only one nomination (single/joint) per member per year will be considered.
  • Nominations submitted in prior years may be resubmitted by means of a fresh application.
  • Nominations forms can be obtained from the TSSS website (www.tss.org.uk) or by contacting Arlene Smyth at TSSS Head Office (Tel – 0141-952-8006).  The Keith and Marian Masters Award for Achievement will be presented at the Annual TSSS Conference.

Judging Criteria

In awarding the prize the Trustees, Committee Members and Executive Officer will focus on the impact the nominees' achievements have made.   There is no rigid criteria for nominations.  The following are examples of types of achievement that could be recognised but other examples will be equally deserving:

  • Those who show remarkable spirit or courage.
  • Those whose achievements have been exceptional and well beyond what might reasonably be expected from someone in that situation.
  • Those who have shown excellence in a specific field (sport, education, fundraising etc)
  • Those who have demonstrated leadership.
  • Those who have been unusually responsive to the needs of the society.  This may include professionals who have developed creative and innovative approaches to solving problems that are capable of wider imitation and replication or whose research or exceptional support has benefited TS girls or women.
  • Those who have contributed excellent ideas that help improve the charity or assist TSSS girls/women in any way whatsoever.

Judging Assessment

All nominations will be assessed by the Trustees/Committee/Executive Officer at their sole discretion.


  • Nominees must be resident in the UK.
  • Nominees must be a member of the TSSS or should have close links with the society (including partners or medical professionals).
  • Previous award winners may not be nominated for the award in the year following receipt.

Timing of nominations

In order to be considered for the 2013 Award completed nomination forms must be forwarded to Head Office by 31 July 2013.  Nominations received after this date will be carried forward for consideration for the 2014 Award.


All nominations will be treated in the strictest confidence. You may wish to inform your nominee that they have been nominated, however this may raise expectations that may not be met.  If you do inform your nominee, please indicate that you have done so on the nomination form.

Completing the nomination form

Once obtained please complete the nomination form fully and accurately.  It is important that you provide as much information as possible about your nominee and try to explain what the actual effect and outcomes of their achievements have been, and where possible provide supporting examples.


Further enquiries relating to The Keith and Marian Masters Award for Achievement for 2013 should be directed to any of the Trustees, Committee Members or Executive Officer.

Conditions of Entry

All material submitted as part of any nomination and the copyright thereof shall become the property of the TSSS.  No nomination will be returned.

Submission of a nomination form to the TSSS is deemed acceptance of these conditions and agreement to be bound by them.

The TSSS reserves the right to change these conditions at any time by posting changes either online through the TSSS website or via ASPECTS.


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