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We would grateful if you could complete our survey and share it with other parent carers.  Thank you for helping us.  

Counting the Costs 2014: Help Contact a Family build the biggest ever picture of family finances.

Thousands of families with disabled children and young people have already completed the Counting the Costs 2014 survey and Contact a Family are extremely grateful to everyone who has helped.

However, as all the political parties draw up their manifestos ahead of the general election in May 2015, it’s never been more important for family members who care for children and young people with additional needs to take part in this important research. By filling out the survey together we will can discover the true picture of family finances, the cost of living crisis and impact of welfare reforms affecting disabled children and their carers everyday across the UK.

The survey which should not take more than 20 minutes is open until mid June 2014. 

Completing the survey here https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/CTC2014

If you would like a hard copy of the survey or help completing the survey please call Contact a Family on 020 7608 8742.


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The TSSS is a small charity and, although very happy to send out information on Turner Syndrome to all those who request it, does not have the funds to do this for free.

When requesting information please make a donation to cover the cost of photocopying and administration. Thank you.

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