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The Turner Syndrome Support Society in Clydebank has been presented with a grant of £2,500 from MAXIMUS Foundation UK to support the updating of guidance for children and young adults on how to cope with the rare condition.

Arlene Smyth, the Society’s Executive Officer, received a cheque from Suzanne Frew, Trustee of MAXIMUS Foundation UK. The Society is to use the funding to update its guidance for girls and young women with Turner Syndrome, their teachers and parents – giving them information on the condition and dispelling misconceptions. The funding will allow the guidance to be extended to include advice on how to cope with the condition for young women up to university age.

Turner Syndrome is a rare and lifelong condition affecting women partly or completely missing an ‘X’ chromosome. Patients with the condition can often have complex needs.

The MAXIMUS Foundation UK was founded in 2015 with a remit of providing grants to local charities and non-profit organisations that support disadvantaged groups. In particular those contributing to personal growth and self-sufficiency in areas of health, employment and community development.

Marilyn Saunders, Chair of MAXIMUS Foundation UK, said:

“Turner’s Syndrome is a rare condition that is not commonly understood or even heard of. This means patients and their families can struggle to access the information or support they need. The Society is meeting a vital need in addressing this information gap. The guidance they’ve produced is much needed, and we’re delighted to help them build on existing work to support more young women.”

Arlene Smyth, Executive Officer of the Turner Syndrome Support Society, said:

“We’re grateful for this grant from MAXIMUS Foundation UK. We’re hopeful that updating and extending the guidance we’ve developed will help combat some of the misconceptions of Turner Syndrome and better equip children and young women to cope with this complex condition.”

MAXIMUS Foundation UK recently published its inaugural annual report, confirming nearly £60,000 in grants to charities and community groups in the past year. The Foundation has called for further grant applications from local charities and community organisations.

MAXIMUS Foundation UK
MAXIMUS is a health and employment services business and for more than forty years has worked with governments around the world to provide support to a diverse range of communities. In the UK, MAXIMUS employ 4,000 staff, including over 2,000 doctors, nurses, occupational therapists and other Healthcare Professionals. Operating from more than 300 locations in the UK, MAXIMUS is one of the largest providers of employment, health and disability support programmes in the country.

Centre for Health and Disability Assessments, Health Management and Health & Human Services are all MAXIMUS UK businesses. In 2015 MAXIMUS entered a Joint Venture partnership with Remploy, the largest provider of disability employment services in the UK.


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