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Dear friends
This is just a wee note to let you know we are thinking of you. We appreciate and understand your concerns during these unprecedented times. We know any change is hard
for you and worrying about your health can raise your anxiety.

We at the TSSS are doing our best to support you. So, do keep in touch via social media and check the website for updated information on a regular basis.

To reassure you, I have been in touch with our amazing TS specialist from throughout the UK who are working very hard for all their patients. Their message to you is “We do not believe that girls or women with TS are at increased of Covid 19 unless the following situations are applicable.” Please read the information below
for more details.

If you have Turner Syndrome and do contract or have had the Corona Virus/Covid 19 the TSSS would appreciate it if you could please take a few minutes to complete our survey. Dr Helen Turner from Oxford will review the responses and share any advice with the TSSS Community and her colleagues. Thank you so much

Do take some time to read the various information articles, posters, and useful website links we have put together, to keep you up to date and hopefully helped by some of the stress busting information too.

Take care and stay safe
Kind regards

TSI2020 & TSSS [UK] are reviewing the current guidelines, in this ever-changing situation. The wellbeing of our guests is of the highest importance.

At the moment TSI 2020 and TSSS UK events will go ahead as scheduled. We hope the worst will be over by July 2020. Please see the links below and follow them for more details.

As I am sure you can appreciate this is a constantly changing situation. Different countries are imposing varying restrictions and plans for dealing with the virus. We cannot foresee what will happen. However, we will continue to review it on a regular basis.

The TSI 2020 & TSSS [UK] accepts no responsibility for any financial loss.

In reaching this decision, we have taken advice from Health Protection Scotland regarding gatherings and events and are closely following Government guidelines for developments. We ask guests to familiarise themselves with the links below, and follow, the guidelines and monitor for any updates before the event.


Please take care and stay safe. We are thinking of you all and hope for you all to remain safe and well.

POSTER 1 Catch, bin, kill poster

POSTER 2 Handwashing techniques

POSTER 3 Help your neighbour through coronavirus (large)

POSTER 4 Help your neighbour through coronavirus (small)

POSTER 5 Self isolation

POSTER 6 COVID-19 Community action

Steroid guidance re Coronavirus

Managing worry about Covid-19 and Type 1 diabetes

Coping with stress during the outbreak

How to get to sleep - print version

COVID_19 Anxiety advice for children

Helping children cope with stress - print version

Updated Coronavirus list of useful websites

Isolation poster

Thank you NHS message

TSSS Coronavirus info

TSSS cardiac advice


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The TSSS is a small charity and, although very happy to send out information on Turner Syndrome to all those who request it, does not have the funds to do this for free.

When requesting information please make a donation to cover the cost of photocopying and administration. Thank you.

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