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A healthy heart is important to everyone, and in Turner Syndrome there are additional concerns with regards to the importance of a healthy heart, at conference last year with help of Prof Gerry Conway, we launched our new initiative to promote health and wellbeing ”TSSS Walk in the Park" and were delighted by the response from medics and members alike.

What is Walk in the Park?

During June, your challenge is to walk or run 10,000 steps per day from the 1st to the 24th June. On Saturday 24th June we are asking you to join up with friends and family, or your local TSSS friendship groups, to raise awareness take some steps together, and also celebrate the UK Turner Syndrome Awareness Day and your achievements.

There is no age limitation, there are multiple ways, walking the dog, walking in the park, walking on the beach, line dancing, stepathons, you name it there are hundreds of ways. Have some fun with it.

Primarily Walk in the Park is about health and well being, there is also though the opportunity to raise awareness of Turner Syndrome and raise vital funds. With this in mind sponsor forms are available from the TSSS office, or can be download from the website. A Just Giving Page has been set up so that any sponsorship money or donations can easily be paid in here - or use the Sponsor me button on the right of this page.

We also have a Facebook page set up too, to support each other, please search TSSS Walk in the park TSSS (UK) Official Walk in the Park challenge 2017.

Many of our members have already started to build up their steps, using either a pedometer on their phone, or having purchased a watch type advice (Fitbit or similar). It is amazing how few steps you can take a day if you work in an office environment or drive everywhere. The recommended level of exercise is at least 10,000 steps a day.

I am delighted that you are stepping out with us on this journey, we are keen to make this a great success and with your help we can not only make this work, but can build on the initial success.

Anyone can join in, so get yours friends and family involved, Children are also signing up too, they probably do more steps than us let’s be honest.

Have fun, stay safe, and let us know how you are getting on.

Jane Raper xx
Chair of Fundraising & Donations Committee


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