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The Society provides accurate and up-to-date information on Turner Syndrome and the many aspects of living with the condition on a daily basis. We hope you find our website useful and friendly.

  • What is Turner Syndrome?

    The following description of Turner Syndrome (TS) and explanation of some of the issues involved in living with the condition is not definitive and a doctor or endocrine specialist should always be consulted whenever a diagnosis of TS has been given.

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  • Living with Turner Syndrome

    It should be emphasised that each girl/woman with TS is an individual and what is relevant to one is not necessarily relevant to another.

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  • Treatment for TS

    There are a number of treatments available to those with TS, and each girl/woman should be treated according to her individual needs. TS is a ‘cradle to grave’ condition and as such should be treated throughout life in a variety of ways.

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  • How to join or donate

    Membership of the Society is GBP 30 (UK) per annum (overseas GBP35) and provides many benefits. We are also happy to receive donations which enable the TSSS to continue to offer support to those with TS and their families.

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Help with our research

TURNER SYNDROME PREGNANCY AUDIT: We are pleased to announce a UK wide audit of pregnancies in women with TS with a simple telephone questionnaire.

OESTROGEN TREATMENT: We are asking for your help in finding out what is the best oestrogen treatment for women with TS.

FACE STUDY: An exciting new study that aims to understand how people recognise facial emotions.

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The TSSS is a small charity and, although very happy to send out information on Turner Syndrome to all those who request it, does not have the funds to do this for free.

When requesting information please make a donation to cover the cost of photocopying and administration. Thank you.

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