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Lifelong guidance and supportEverything you need to know about Turner syndrome. 100 pages containing as many aspects as possible of living daily with the syndrome, from prenatal diagnosis through to recommended health checks for adult women with TS. Helpful tips for parents and teachers, information on footcare and personal experiences of life with TS and much, much more.

In his foreword to the book Robert Shaw CBE, Professor of Obstetrics & Gynaecology says:

"Few general practitioners, and even the majority of general paediatricians and gynaecologists, unless they have a special interest in the condition, will be aware of all of the potential special needs of girls and women with Turner Syndrome. This guidance provides a wealth of information and is recommended as essential reading for any professional who provides care." He continues, "However, it is the knowledge and understanding of the wide variety of other associated problems experienced by individuals who have Turner Syndrome, which this book contains, that provides excellent guidance and supportive advice for all involved with TS".

This book is a must for any health professional with a patient, girl or woman, with TS in their care, as well as for those with TS and their families. The book has been produced by the Turner Syndrome Support Society, with the expertise of many leading UK specialists and experiences of girls and women with TS and their families, the real experts on TS.



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